Monetize Your Android App with Ads

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Table of Contents

  1. Monetization options
  2. AdMob

Monetization options

Paid downloads and subscription options can be configured in the playstore for your app.


AdMob is a platform by Google that connects advertisers ads with apps which are the ad publishers. AdMob uses complex algorithms to determine the appropriate ad for the app user.

Types of ads are

Cover a portion of the screen.

Can be shared with app content.

Open a webpage on click.

Can either be text or an image.


Cover the entire screen.

Are perfect on a natural break of your app. Ex.: Between levels of a game.

Show text, image or video content.


Customize the look and feel of your ad.

App Install Native Ads can drive app installations with advertising the app.

Content Native Ads allow for a more generic combination of text and images that cover a broader scope.